Day 1 – Maker Fun Factory 
Monday we kicked off VBS by learning that God made each of us wonderfully complex! It was an awesome day with 180 in attendance! There was so much energy and so much to learn from “Decker” our Bible Buddy.
Day 2 – Maker Fun Factory 
Tuesday was another “Wow God” kind of day at VBS as kids learned how God created them and how he specially designed them and made them each unique! We played with gears, built a million different shapes and designs with our snack of marshmallows and pretzels and learned a story about Rahab. In the gym, we played a bowling game and in our closing session we watched as two balloons did a special trick. There was a lot to discover each day at the Fun Factory!
Day 3 – Maker Fun Factory 
Wednesday, we learned that God is with us no matter where we are and He goes with us. We learned about Gideon and his army that was narrowed down to just a few people to prove that God worked through them and would bring them to victory! Gideon certainly found out 
Day 4 – Maker Fun Factory 
Thursday, we learned that “God will always love you.” and that His unfailing love will last forever. We had fun with our Gobots and eating our S’mores that reminded us that there is always S’more of God’s love to go around.
Day 5 – Maker Fun Factory 
“God Made You For A Reason!” We closed out our last day of VBS on a super high note with so much fun and energy. The kids were literally blown away with the final skit and learning our last scripture “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord!”