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This is a growing area of FCC and we continue to add to our Small Group Ministries each month. We currently have a women’s Small Group that meets on Sunday evenings at the church, one that meets in a home and we offer topic-group studies throughout the year.
Current topics we have available for groups to use include:
  • Living a Life of Love and Laughter (Dennis Swanberg) 10 weeks (Video and Workbook)
  • Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey) 13 weeks (Video and Kit $$)
  • Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours (Dr. Kevin Leman) 6 week (Video & Workbook)
  • Value-Packed Parenting (Dr. Kevin Leman) & weeks (Video and Workbook)
  • Running the Rapids – Teens (Dr. Kevin Leman) 6 weeks (Video and Workbook)
  • The Art of Opportunity Parenting (Bill Sanders)
  • Fireproof (Outreach Ministries) 7 weeks (Movie, Video and Workbook)
  • Courageous (Outreach Ministries) 7 weeks (Movie, Video and Workbook)
  • Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed (Shirer, Moore, Arthur) 6 weeks (Video and Workbook)
  • Stepping Up (Beth Moore) 6 weeks (Video and Workbook, note: heavy study)
  • The Beloved Disciple (Beth Moore) 10 weeks (Video and Workbook)
  • Living Beyond Yourself (Beth Moore) 10 weeks (Video and Workbook)
  • Jesus the One and Only (Beth Moore) 10 weeks (Video and Workbook)
  • Walking by Faith “Lessons Learned in the Dark” (Jennifer Rothschild) 6 weeks (Video/Wbk)
  • The Easter Experience (Thomas Neilson) 6 Weeks (Video and Discussion Guide)
  • Making A Mountain Out of Molehill (Dr. Julie Wallace) 9 Chapters, 3 Sections (Book)
  • Wonder Women of the Bible (Brenda Poinsett) 16 Chapters, 5 sections (Book)
  • Reinventing Your Life with Grace (Women of Faith) 4 weeks (Video with Discussion Guide)
  • Outlive Your Live (Max Lucado) 4 weeks (Video, Book and Discussion Guide)
  • Max on Life (Max Lucado) 4 weeks (Video and Discussion Guide)
  • “The Gospel” (By Karen Allen) 7 Weeks (Study Guides)
  • “How to Give and Receive” (By Karen Allen) 6 weeks (Study Guides)
  • “Knowing the Bible” (By Karen Allen) 7 weeks (Study Guides)
  • “Fruits of the Spirit” (By Karen Allen) 6 weeks (Study Guides)