Christian Outreach

Christian Outreach
Team Leaders
Stacey Johnston is in her first year as a co-chair of the team and has a passion for reaching people for Christ.
Courtney Turner is in her second year leading the team and enjoys seeing others be motivated to reach out and serve others. 
Mission Sunday
This year for Mission Sunday we tackled three projects – packaging supplies for Hotdog for the Homeless, for those who come each day to get a sack lunch at a shelter in Oklahoma City. We also adopted a one-mile stretch of Noble Ave. and did our first clean-up on it, and we will continue to maintain this stretch of our city’s streets. Our final project was a home clean up on Warner Ave. 
Getting Involved
E-mail one of our team leaders by clicking on their name above.
Check out the Newsletter tab and see what we have happening this week.
If you have ideas about ways we can serve others, please contact us at (405) 282-4080 or e-mail the
What Does the Christian Outreach Team Do?
Our Christian Outreach Team are the leaders who get us motivated and keep our eyes on being the hands, feet and heartbeat of Jesus in the community, state and worldwide. While we have an annual budget that supports a number of different organizations, our focus as Christ’s people is to get involved in activities that make difference in the lives of people… following Jesus’ example to “love one another.” 
A few of the projects we embrace each year are:
• Mission Sunday • Random Acts of Kindness • Christmas Stockings for Local Students • Canned Food Drives • Baby Blankets • Prayer Shawls • Meal Ministry • Lunch on Noble Food Donations • 24-Hour Prayer Vigil