“Come Alive” by the Chancel Choir (Oct. 8, 2017)


“Holy Spirit” (Oct. 1)

“Uncreated One” (Sept. 24)


“Down to the River to Pray” by the Chancel Choir (Sept. 17)


“Great Big Wonderful God” by the Children’s Choir (Sept. 17)


“Holy Ghost Medley” by Braden Russell, Jerry Ball, Jamie Johnston, Caroline Roettger, and Anita Plummer-Owen and the Chancel Choir (Sept. 10)

“Celebration Song” by Braden Russell and the Chancel Choir (Sept. 10)

“Come People of the Risen King” by the Chancel Choir (Aug. 27)


“Holy Spirit” by Stacey and Jamie Johnston, Anita Plummer (Aug. 20)


“Creation Sings The Father’s Song” (Aug. 13) Chancel Choir

“Helpless” by Caroline Roettger (July 30)

“Peace in the Valley” by Tom Holtz (July 23)


“Jesus Can Change Your Life” by Women’s Ensemble (July 16)