Lord, Hear Our Prayers…
Love and Sympathy…
Dennis and Myrna Laughlin in the death of their son, Brian Vincent, who died on Sunday, June 25. Services pending. 
The family of Elfreda Johnson, who died on Tuesday, June 27. Services pending.
Preparing for Surgery
Velma Johnson – knee surgery Aug. 1
Diane Biggs – shoulder surgery
Those in our
Church Family…
Sheryl Reeve (back issues)
Carol Smith (broken arm)
Janie Carey (broken arm)
Roy Weathers (heart stent)
Paul Welch (cancer)
Keith Young (cancer)
Jerry Yancey (back issues)
Kathy Warner (cancer)
Mike Carey (foot surgery recovery)
Sarah Anderson (cancer)
Babs Gumerson (hip recovery)
Donna Wheatley (cancer)
Our Military All Over the World and those we know personally…
Braxton Canning
Brent Walton
Matt Byce
Friends and Family Members of our Church Family…
Greg Reece
Johnnie Bross
Robbi Inda
Rose Letke
John Knight
Pati Thompson
Ruth Thompson
Judy Knight
Larry Holden, Sr.
John Minnich
Mariann Carroll
Delbert & Mary Jo Maker
Rhonda Canning Baker
Mike Butner
Rhonda Lovelace
Leora Davis
Georgena Langham
Eleanor Hoel
Ashlee Townsend
Bob Lang
Sherri Nida
Selena Acosta
John Krausse
Tracy Fowler
Marissa Rhodes