Sunday’s Sermon
“Advent Conspiracy: Love All” (Dec.10, 2017) Rev. Ronnie Fields, Sr. Pastor

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“Hanging of the Greens”
Dec. 3, 2017 
As we begin the Season of the Advent, we go through the symbols of the season and learn about the various meanings of those symbols. Enjoy a time of singing and decorating our sanctuary as we begin the Christmas season.

“Advent Conspiracy – Give More”
Nov. 26, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Senior Pastor
Today’s message continues a four-part series on the “Advent Conspiracy.” This week we take a look at how to “Give More” by giving less gifts but focusing on more meaningful gifts. Ronnie takes a look at how gift-giving has become a habit of giving trinkets and items that fill storage bins versus taking time to consider how we could really give “good gifts” that mean more to people and would cause us to spend less money in order to “give more” toward things that would make a difference in the world.

“Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less”
Nov 19, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Sr. Pastor
On the second week of our series, “Advent Conspiracy,” we take a look at the theme “Spend Less” so you can give more. This focuses on how we can look at what we are currently giving to others during the holidays and evaluate the needs of those around us. The message challenges us to measure our giving, so that we may truly give in a way that matters. As a society we have grown in our consumption to a point that we often overflow with “stuff” and forget to look at ways to bless others without “spending” beyond our means. 

“Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully” 
Nov. 12, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Sr. Pastor
Today’s message is from Luke 1:46-55 and Ronnie begins a four-week schedule on the Advent Conspiracy. This week, he focuses on what it means to reshape our focus on Advent as we approach this Christmas season. He explores the thought of what would happen if we spend more time fully engaged in worshipping and looking at the things that matter. 

“Living the Good Life”
Nov. 5, 2017 by Karen Allen, Associate Minister
This week we celebrate “All Saints Day” and take a look at James 3:14-18 and what it means to “live a good life.” Karen highlights two ways we can enhance our lives – “being full of mercy” and “being thankful.” The challenge is to notice those around us and to be willing to extend mercy to them. The second is to go beyond being thankful for “things” and to take time to highlight in others what you are thankful for and how they are making a difference in the world. 


“Sermon Series – Our Future” 
Oct. 29, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Sr. Pastor
This week’s sermon is based on Eccelesiastes 4:8, James 4:13-15 and Amos 5:5-6. Ronnie takes a look at the future God is pulling us into. What does it mean to allow God to be in control and to not live in the past. He challenges us to not allow what got us where we are to keep us from going where we need to go. Take a look at God as the Great “I AM” not the Great “I was!” 

“Sermon Series – “IDENTITY – PRESENT”
Oct. 22, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Senior Pastor

This week’s sermon is based on the story of Mary and Martha. Ronnie takes a look at what it means to “live in the present” and to take hold of opportunities that are “right now.” He compares how we can always be looking ahead but really it’s about living in the “here and now” and to experience “carpe diem” – “seize the day.”

Children’s Sunday – Making Disciples
Oct. 15, 2017 by Makenna Bench and Kyndal Carey
Children’s Sunday features a sermon by two of our 6th grade students who share about the lessons they have learned during our Kidventure series. The scriptures focus on what it means to “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations.” They share about their faith and how each of us are supposed to go out and share that faith with others.
“Sermon Series – “IDENTITY – THE PAST”
Oct. 8, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Senior Pastor
This week we welcome Rev. Ronnie Fields. He begins a three-part sermon series on “Identity” and this week focus’ on “the past.”​ The message is based on Ecclesiastes 7:10 and helps us realize the value of our past, while not living in it. Ronnie shares how easy it is to be stuck in the past and not being able to move on to the present.