Sunday’s Sermon
“Youth Sunday – FCCNN News” (February 11, 2018) by Brendan Hanna

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“Why Church? Mentors”
January 28, 2018 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Sr. Pastor
On our 4th week of the series “Why Church” Rev. Fields takes a look at “Mentors.” He looks at the scripture from Proverbs 22:6. He discusses the idea of what it means to have mentors in our life but also what it means to be a mentor and how all of us can be in both categories a different times in our lives. Find out what the term “balcony people” means as you listen to this week’s message.

“Why Church? If Given the Choice…” 
Jan. 21, 2018 by Linda Sealey-Holtz, Elder
Today’s message is from Galatians 5:13-15 and I Peter 2:15-16. Linda Sealey-Holtz shares a powerful message on “If Given the Choice” and what it means to be free to choose to worship, but also consider the difference in what it means to have “freedom of religion” and “freedom to worship.” She also shares thoughts on having the freedom to take hold of opportunities and the freedom to make a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with each day.

“Sermon Series – Why Church? – Real People”
Jan. 14, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Sr. Pastor
In our second week of “Why Church?” Rev. Fields takes a look at what it means to be surrounded by “REAL People” who are Christians! Being REAL means that we all “Recognize Jesus Died for All of Us,” we “Elevate don’t Evaluate,” we are “Ambassadors for Christ,” and finally we share the “Love of Christ.” 

Sermon Series – “Why Church – Community” 
Jan. 7, 2018 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Sr. Pastor
This week we begin a sermon series titled “Why Church.” We take a look at the scripture from Luke 15:1-7 and how Jesus, the Good Shepherd went after the Lost Sheep. Ronnie also looks at how being a part of a church family is important and how it creates community and a place to be nourished. 

“Christmas Eve Quiz”
Dec. 24, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Senior Pastor

How much do you know about the Christmas story? This week we take a look at some of the most common portrayals of the Christmas story and what we think we know. Enjoy this fun look at how scripture interfaces with some of the photos, artist sketches and nativity scenes we are familiar with during the season.

Christmas Story Cantata
Dec. 17, 2017 by the Chancel Choir
The Chancel Choir put together a mixture of Christmas music to bring to life the Christmas story in a powerful way. We appreciate all those who participated by lending their voices, their talents for bringing the story to life through acting and our readers. 
“Advent Conspiracy – Love All”
Dec. 10, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Senior Pastor
This week is our final week of our four-part series on the Advent Conspiracy. This week we take a look at how we can be more active during the Christmas season in having an eye for those around us. We take a look at the gifts we are giving and if they are routine gifts or if they have meaning and cause others to experience the true meaning of Christmas. We continue to look at our outreach program of “Water4” and ways we can bless others.

“Hanging of the Greens”
Dec. 3, 2017 
As we begin the Season of the Advent, we go through the symbols of the season and learn about the various meanings of those symbols. Enjoy a time of singing and decorating our sanctuary as we begin the Christmas season.

“Advent Conspiracy – Give More”
Nov. 26, 2017 by Rev. Ronnie Fields, Senior Pastor
Today’s message continues a four-part series on the “Advent Conspiracy.” This week we take a look at how to “Give More” by giving less gifts but focusing on more meaningful gifts. Ronnie takes a look at how gift-giving has become a habit of giving trinkets and items that fill storage bins versus taking time to consider how we could really give “good gifts” that mean more to people and would cause us to spend less money in order to “give more” toward things that would make a difference in the world.