Serving Schedules

We have schedules for all sorts of areas including Elders, Deacons, Greeters, Ushers, Videographers, Sound Board,, Breadmakers, and so many more! It’s hard to imagine how we keep everyone on track but with office schedules and cross-checking we get it done. So, if you’ve lost your schedule or need to double-check, here’s a one-stop shop for printing a new schedule or checking it on the go!

NOTE: More schedules will be posted this week as we finish a few details on the website! (This part is still under construction!!! but I promise it’s going to be awesome!)

If you have a prayer need or a concern, please reach out to one of our Elders and let them know how they can help. Our Elders serve as an extension of our pastoral team and work to meet the needs of our membership.
This year’s Elders include:
• David Ball
• Vaughn Berkheiser
• Lesley Cotton
• Susan Davison
• Jana Frey
• Linda Holtz
• Peggy Momsen
• Clara Price
• Mike Simpson
• Charlie Stowe
• Stan Wieczorek
• Ken Wilkerson