Lord, Hear Our Prayers…
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Love and Sympathy…
Janice Hand and family in the death of her mother, Juanita Eddings.
Preparing for Surgery:
Sheryl Reeve
Hospitalized at this time…
Ron Wilder
For Our Church Family…
Hogan McLemore
Cynthia Baker
Delma Ward
Doyle Webb
John Kingery
Kathy Warner
Sarah Anderson
Donna Wheatley
Judy Ochs 
Home or Facility Bound
Don Yost
Karen Yancey
Carol Thompson
Ada Dilley
Our Military All Over
The World and Those Connected to
Our Church Family…
Ryan Ingram
Braxton Canning
Brent Walton
Matt Byce
For Our Friends and Family Members
Mike Smith
family of Earline Burris
Michael Merritt
Eleanor Hoel
Dorothy Baggerly
Kayla Thetford
Todd Pemberton
Lark Knierim
Elli Smith
Houston Sneed
Dr. Bart Spencer
Tara Woods
Tara Lynn
Delbert & Mary Jo Maker
Betty Doles
Les Steenveld
Trenton Cline
Marci Kelley
Liberty Crick
Ruth Thompson
Mike Butner
Rhonda Lovelace
Leora Davis
Ashlee Sikes
Selena Acosta
Tracy Fowler
Marissa Rhodes